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Ankit Bhatia Inspired FREE Lightroom Presets DNG and XMP - Download Free Ankit Bhatia Inspired Presets

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Ankit Bhatia Inspired Lightroom Presets [FREE]

This Ankit Bhatia Inspired Lightroom Filters are created for Moody Outdoor nature Pictures, Ankit Bhatia like Photos, Premium Portraits photos, Outdoor photoshoot images, Adventures Images, Nature Photos, Portrait shoot images, Moody tone, Outdoor Photoshoots, Adventure Photos, Nature photography photos, Portrait nature, Close up portrait, Street Photography photos, Adventures coloured photos and many more.

While Making This Presets I have tested this presets on over 178+ photos to make it perfect to use itThese presets can help you achieve a Portrait or Nature Adventure inspired look in your photos

This Ankit Bhatia Inspired Lightroom Presets are available :-
  • For both Android and IOS Mobile Devices
  • And Laptop & PC
  • Both Formats :- DNG and XMP

How To Get Password & Download Presets :-
How To Get The Password

How To Use / Import Lightroom Presets :-

For Mobile ( DNG ) :
  • Open Lightroom Mobile App
  • Then Add Your Respective Lightroom Preset ( DNG File ) By Clicking Add Photos Button ( on Bottom Right Corner )
  • After You Have Added The Preset, Then Open The DNG File In Lightroom Mobile App, Then Tap On Three Dots Present On The Top Right Corner Of Your Screen & Now Click " Copy Settings " And Then Open Your Photo ( In Lightroom Mobile App ) That You Want To Edit. Now Again Tap On Three Dots Present On The Top Right Corner Of Your Screen & Now Tap " Paste Settings "
For Laptop / PC ( XMP ) :
  • Open Adobe Lightroom On Your Laptop/PC
  • Then You Will Find ( PRESETS ) Section With ( ) Symbol, Tap That ( ) And Then " IMPORT PRESETS "
It's important to note that you will need to have the Lightroom software in order to use these presets.

Scroll Down To Get Presets

This Presets Can Be Used In Applications Like :-
  • Lightroom Mobile App
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC - All Versions
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

About Lightroom Presets :-
  • Lightroom presets are pre-determined settings or adjustments that can be applied to a photo or a batch of photos in Adobe Lightroom. They are essentially pre-built image editing recipes that can be used to quickly and easily apply a consistent look or style to your photos.
  • Using presets can save time when processing large batches of photos, as it allows you to apply a specific look or style to many photos at once. They can also be a helpful tool for learning how to edit photos, as you can examine the settings used in a preset to better understand how certain adjustments affect an image.

 ( Changes To Make ) :-

After Applying This Presets On Your Photos, You Are Suggested To Make Some Changes On Settings Mentioned Below ( For More Professional Look )

Enter Password To Get FREE Presets

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You can also experiment with different presets to find the one that best suits your needs and achieve the look you're going for. You might also be able to customize the presets further to get your desired look.

Disclaimer :-

All The Lightroom Presets Provided On This Website Completely Owned By Amman Patro

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If You Are Using Any Of My Lightroom Presets On Your Photos, Then Do Tag Me On Instagram @Amman_Patro & Use My Hashtag #CreateWithAmman To Get A Story Feature For Sure.