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Moody Cinematic FREE Video LUT - Download Free Moody Cinematic Video Filter

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Moody Cinematic FREE Video LUT [Premium]

This Moody Cinematic Video LUT will make your videos more stylish and Cinematic. Free Video LUT helps you to edit and colour grade your videos more professionally. Video LUT means colour grading presets for videos. This Moody Cinematic Video lut is created for Nature videos, Green Nature videos, Moody Cinematic Video, Adventures videos, Cinematic Night videos and many more.

This Moody Cinematic Free Video LUT is tested and applied on more than 8+ videos to make this LUTs perfect to use by you.

This Moody Cinematic Video Filters can be used :
  1. Adobe Premiere Pro
  2. Adobe After effects
  3. Final Cut Pro X
  4. Davinci Resolve
  5. Sony Vegas
  6. VN editor 
  7. Avid
  8. Filmora

This Free Video LUTS can be used on :
  1. For Mobile
  2. And Desktop / PC

Before and After 

How to download Moody Cinematic Video LUTs For Free ::

How To Use / Import Video LUTs :- 

For Mobile ( VN Editor ) :
  • First Download Free Video LUTs From My Website.
  • Then Unzip That Folder.
  • You Will Find ( .Cube ) Files. Then Share Them Directly To VN Editor App
  • And Its Done. You Will Find Those Video LUTs In the Filters ( Custom ) Section.
For PC / Desktop :
  • Select A Clip In The Timeline of Premiere Pro
  • Then Go To Lumetri Panel And Open The Basic Correction Tab.
  • In The Basic Correction Tab, Select The Input LUT Dropdown Menu.
  • Then Select Browse Option, Then The File Explorer On Your System Appears, The Select The LUT You Want To Import.

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NOTE ( Changes To Make ) :-

After Applying This LUTs On Your Videos, You Are Suggested To Make Some Changes On Settings Mentioned Below ( For More Professional Look According To Your Videos )

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